SmokeHouse Studios was designed from the ground up as a creative environment. We have all the tools, toys, and treated rooms, our Live Floor is 25'x25'x10'. Most of all we have that vibe, the one that brings out and amplifies your vision.

Hourly Recording Rate
$35/hr (Mixing is free for recording projects)
Every project is unique, you could be a duet looking for a full band production, a band that's been playing together for years, a band that has been playing together for 3 months. You could be a purist and play all together, simulating the live show, or you could track everything separately with meticulous detail. The moral of the story, we work hourly, we do not offer package deals as you are not a packaged musician.
Per Song Mixing Rate
Recorded your tracks at home and want a pro to spit shine them? Recorded at a different studio and want another set of ears to finish things up? We have the right monitors, the right room treatment and the right skills to bring your project together.
We Don't Do Mastering
Many small studios claim they can 'Master' your tracks. Mastering is a very in depth skill and a dedicated field, requiring special tools and a very special listening environment. Yes I can loudness ready songs I have recorded, but if you are taking your project seriously do yourself a favor and budget for a proper mastering job. We can point you to Mastering Engineers we have worked with before.
Instruments & Session Musicians
A case of beer to $$$
SmokeHouse Studios is part of a very large music scene. If you are looking for a certain amp, or need musicians to make your vision happen we can pull some strings.
Studio Rental
$250/day (8 hour block)
Have an engineer but no space? Want access to sound treated drum room and killer mics? SmokeHouse Studios can be your play house.
Out of Town Artists
We can help book your stay, we have priority rates at The Seacliffe Inn which is only a 5 minute drive from the studio. Leamington is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and concentrate on your music.