Previous Works

Here are a few samples of projects SmokeHouse Studios has been invovled in. Give them a listen and read up on the details below.

Pulled From Panels (Geek Rock)
Guelph based geek rockers Pulled From Panels, traveled down to Leamington to spend a week recording their fist album “THWP! THWP!”. Holly Giannoccaro and Nick Swan entered the studio with lyrics, acoustic guitar and bass. In a co-production effort that brought in studio musicians, attempted and abandoned ideas, 14 hours work days, and enough coffee to kill a horse we managed to create a wonderful album. They have gone on to get picked up by Shoreline Records and have played both the Toronto and Edmonton Fan Expos.
Credits: SHS(Tracked/Mixed/Produced) Mastered by: Charles Carvalho

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Justin Latam (Singer/Song Writer)
I met Justin Latam when he was featured on the now defunct SmokeHouse Radio's Tea Time With Emmy show. On the show he performed a song 'Barefoot', I fell in love with it and insisted he record a version. When our schedules finally aligned he came in and over 4 hours we produced the final track.
Credits: SHS(Tracked/Mixed/Produced)

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Them County Bastardz (Hard Rock/Metal)
Them County Bastardz was SmokeHouse Studios first major project. This project was recorded over several months based on band members availability. We produced a concept album about the Bastardz going for a night out then getting in trouble with the cops and the wife. The Bastardz are currently planning their college radio release and we wish them boys the best!
Credits: SHS(Tracked/Mixed/Produced) Mastered by: Charles Carvalho

Dale Butler (Folk)
When I opened SmokeHouse Studios I knew it was a requirement to have local legend Dale Butler bless the place. After a single rehearsal Dale and his band entered the studio and laid down 12 songs in 3 nights, live off the floor, raw and with minimal overdubs.
Credits: SHS(Tracked) Mixed/Mastered by: Ed Everaert

The Other Outfit (Post Rock)
The Other Outfit was in the process of recording an EP when the band lost their lead singer. Andrew Watson came in to help finish off this one song as the band felt it was one they could not leave unheard.
Credits: SHS(Tracked/Mixed/Produced)